46th Symposium on Hormones and Cell Regulation

Cancer signalling and metabo​lism

M. Sibilia, D. Carling 

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The symposium will be from 9 to 12 October 2024




Le Mont Sai​nt Odile

Postalcode/ZIP: 67530 
Town/Suburb/City: OTTROTT 
Country: FRANCE

The symposium starts on Wednesday  9 October 2024  at 4 pm

The monastery of Mont Sainte Odile is located in Ottrott (Alsace, France), 4,5 km from Obernai and 30 km from Strasbourg Airport  

For transportation of the participants to the Mont Sainte-Odile, there will buses (which are included in the registration fee) leaving from Strasbourg main train station at 12:30 and from Strasbourg airport 13:30 on Wednesday 9th October

If you cannot make the bus, a taxi from Strasbourg costs around 90 euros.
Alternatively, there are trains from Strasbourg to Obernai
(TER line Strasbourg-Molsheim-Obernai-Barr-Sélestat) every 30 min starting at 15h40.
Not all trains stop at the airport, but you can go to Molsheim and board the next train to Obernai.

To Google Map            48°26'13.8"N 7°24'14.5"E

General vue Strasbourg - Obernai -  Mont-Saint-Odile
Strasbourg Airport