46th Symposium on Hormones and Cell Regulation

Cancer signalling and metabo​lism

M. Sibilia, D. Carling 

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The symposium will be from 9 to 12 October 2024




Deadline for abstracts submission: September   x - 2023

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46th Symposium on Hormones and Cell Regulation

Cancer signalling and metabo​lism

POC Chairs:
Maria Sibilia
David Carling
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J.E. Dumont Meeting Association
Scientific committee :
Bernard Payrastre   President (France)
David Carling (UK) 
Pierre De Meyts (Belgium) 
Veit Flockerzi (Germany) 
Volker Haucke (Germany)
Ilpo Huhtaniemi (UK and Finland) 
Adriana Maggi (Italy) 
Jean-Philippe Pin (France) 
Maria Sibilia (Austria) 
Thomas Gudermann (Germany)

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1997 J. Hanoune Cyclic AMP
1998 J.E. Dumont Control of cell proliferation
1999 Gröner Control of transcription
2000 S. Gammemtoft Protein kinase
2001 M. Parker Nuclear receptors
2002 J. Bockaert GPCRs and G proteins
2003 R. Marais Protein kinases in health & disease
2004 P. Gierschik Functional genomics of signal transduction
2005 M. Jäättelä Apoptosis
2006 R. Marais Cell Signalling in cancer
2007 M. Freismuth GPCR complexes and GPCR complexity
2008 G. Vecchio Molecular and cellular biology of endocrine cancers
2009 S. Schurmans, B. Payrastre Inositol & Phosphatases in Cell Signalling
2010 Carling Metabolism in physiology & Disease
2011 Clauser, Offermanns GPCRs
2012 P. Demeyts Receptor Tyrosine Kinases
2013 R. Di Lauro Development Disease Endocrine Organs
2014 B. Payrastre, S. Schurmans, C.Erneux Inositol Lipid Signalling
2015 M. Sibilia, D. Carling Hormones Cancer Metabolism
2016 J-P. Pin, S. Offermanns GPCR
2017 V. Flockerzi, T. Gudermann, U. Boehm Channels ionic Controls
2018 P. Demeyts The brain – gut – microbiome network in metabolic regulation and dysregulation.
2019 B. Payrastre, S. Schurmans, C.Erneux
Inositol LIPIDS in health and diseases
Symposium postponed due to COVID
2022 I. Huhtaniemi, A. Maggi
Sex and Signaling: the molecular basis of sex and gender medicine
2024 M. Sibilia, D.Carling
Cancer signalling and metabo​lism